Our work in energy by region


Several critical aspects of health care delivery rely on cooling, including conserving cold chains for vaccines, food, and drugs, as well as lighting and particular medical devices and products. The health sector can tackle the impact of energy-intensive practices that contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions by ensuring hospitals are as energy efficient as possible. Learn what's at stake globally and how hospitals can take charge and make a difference. 

Discover how energy-intensive practices in hospitals contribute to climate change at a global level.

Southeast Asia

Join the movement toward cleaner energy. Help your hospital or medical practice boldly meet clean power implementation challenges by exploring our resources and initiatives centered around low-carbon and climate-resilient solutions. Learn more about the issue, how to solve it at a local and regional level, and how to get involved in the transformation. 

See the impacts of fossil fuels on the communities and public health in Southeast Asia and learn about the opportunities to protect the environment and the community's overall health.

Our other areas of focus


Explore how we work with the health care sector to reduce its emissions and build climate-smart, resilient hospitals and communities.

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Utilize groundbreaking sustainable procurement guidance and tools to improve practices and policy while harnessing health care’s purchasing power to move the market.

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Chemicals and Plastics

Find out how hospitals and health systems are reducing hazardous chemicals and single-use plastics to decrease the impact these products have on human health and the environment.

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Learn how we are working with hospitals and communities to implement successful strategies to reduce health care climate impact and support the growth of resilient foods systems.

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Uncover strategies to minimize health care waste from hazardous medical waste to food waste with our innovative management, recycling, and disposal guidance.

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Discover how our network is tackling the way we produce, use, and dispose of medicines and antibiotics, and advocating for judicious use and the development of safer, non-toxic drugs.

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